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Elephants Dancing

East Coast Reggae/Ska

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Michael in Elephants

Away from composition Michael spends time as a front-man for the Reggae/Ska group Elephants Dancing as a singer, bass player, and songwriter.  As a founding member of the group, the group's style is dependent on Michael's composition skills.  His song writing ability keeps their music away from stagnation. Always evolving and moving forward, one of the key pieces of Elephants music that sets them apart are their horn arrangements, made possible by Michael's love for counterpoint. 

Elephants history

High-energy, 6-piece, Reggae/Ska hailing from Northeast, PA.  Elephants Dancing hits that sweet spot between catchy and angsty while with the influences of Reggae, Punk, Ska, and Hip-Hop. With a diverse set of musical backgrounds, lead singers and songwriters Michael Iorio (Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Vocals/Guitar) focus on keeping their music unique and energetic while maintaining a groovy vibe. Lyrically, Elephants Dancing ranges from spreading good vibes to throwing down, supplemented by catchy horn lines and careful voice leading


Formed in 2015, Mike and Danny reunited on summer break and decided to start writing music together. The project started with the two spending time on the boardwalks of Jersey and Maryland and experimenting with songwriting styles and testing the waters. What started with a Singer-Songwriter/Reggae feel, over the next few years, blossomed to holster the upbeat and lively music the group creates today.  Elephants Dancing has since supported acts such WAR!, Badfish, Bumpin Uglies, The Wailers, Ballyhoo!, Tropidelic, Passafire, Kash’d Out, Joe Samba, Kyle Smith, Roots of Creation, Sun-Dried Vibes, and more.


After years of honing their sound, Elephants released Chill Like Penguins, a dynamic and exciting full-length album on July 8, 2023. The group committed to growth and spreading their roots through the community, started expanding their touring range in 2023 and completed their first East Coast tour. Incorporating the talents of Dan Sperlein (Trombone), Adam Jonkman (Sax), Isiah Ortiz (Trumpet), and Thommas Brennan (Drums), alongside singers Michael Iorio (Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Vocals/Guitar), Elephants Dancing is ready for the future and coming in hot. Stay posted for touring dates and new content.


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Touring Summary

Elephants Dancing, based in Northeast PA, has toured the East Coast ranging Maine to Florida from 2017-2023.  While frequenting PA, NJ, and MD, they have also played festivals and major supporting roles in NY, MA, and ME and began expanding their touring range in the summer of 2023 to the full East Coast.  To date, Elephants Dancing has performed on bills with acts such as WAR!, Badfish, Bumpin Uglies, Ballyhoo!, Tropidelic, Passafire, Kash’d Out, The Wailers, Joe Samba, The Ries Brothers, Tunnel Vision, Kyle Smith, Roots of Creation, The Quasi Kings, Mighty Mystic, Higher Education, Of Good Nature, Oogee Wawa, and Pilfers.

In 2024, Elephants will continue to build their East Coast following.  Between teaching, writing, recording, and building his classical repertoire, Michael will also be extending his touring history as a front-man for the high-energy, fun loving Reggae/Ska group.  To learn more about this project including tour dates, visit


For more information visit

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