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To inquire about any of these services, please fill out the contact form.

Commissioned Works

Anything you could possibly need music for!  Commissioned projects include multi-genre projects ranging from original compositions, film-scoring, to music for media.  Original jingles for businesses or advertisements, film-making, or a personal songs.  

Music Review

Music review services include review for promotion or personal review for writing feedback.  These can be aimed at having written content to serve as testimonials for booking, promotion and campaigning or focus on composition  aspects for discussion and personal feedback.


Advanced lessons are available in Music Theory, Composition, Counterpoint, Percussion, and similar subcategories.  Beginner lessons are available in bass, guitar, keys, and several other instruments.  Zoom lessons are available as well, please reach out for topics and scheduling!

Please Reach Out!

Any music related topics from composition, to booking & promotion, to performance.  Please feel free to reach out and discuss. Michael's background encompasses many different genres, approaches, and faces of the extensive music industry. 

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