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Classical Composer | Music educator | Touring musician | electronic artist 


John Armstrong, Percussive Notes

on "Hypnos"

"This new work by Michael Iorio brings the listeners into a soundscape that is meant to relax them into a hypnotic state. The piece has no discernible melody, and instead builds upon harmonic structures and timbral differences between the instruments."


Brian Nozny, C. Alan Publications

on "The Arrival Suite"

"Each movement is distinct in character, from the opening “Fantasy” with its grand motive and propelling rhythmic devices, to the slow-moving “Nocture” with its syncopated accompanying pattern, to finally the “Dance and Presto” with an opening section in 3/4 that moves to an energetic presto that brings back elements of the opening movement."


Justin Alexander, C. Alan Publications

on "Daydreams"

"'Daydreams' begins with a lively moto-perpetuo section, requiring all keyboard players to be facile with four-mallet technique (close-interval double verticals, single-alternating, single-independent strokes) while maintaining a solid groove with the bongo and djembe player and supporting the melody, found in the xylophone."

~ "Isle of Sky" - Duet for Flute & Marimba ~


Isabelle Garland (flute) and Seth Lampert (marimba) perform the first movement of Michael Iorio's "Isle of Skye." - Publisher: C Alan Publications, Copyright: 2018

Michael Anthony Iorio

Composition Master's Graduate of The University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Influenced by the world around him, Michael's pieces tend to reflect thematically on objects, landscape and mythology.  

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